Human and Technical Resources

The company has over 650 employees. The company mainly inherited the experienced core of the staff, involved in the production, from Alaverdi mining-metallurgical plant, which was one of the biggest industrial enterprises in former Soviet Armenia. The staff consists of professionals in mining industry and metallurgical sphere, as well as experienced specialists from other fields that support the production process.

The company is the only one in the region to have the smelting facility. Productive capabilities of the company in the sphere of production and marketing of blister copper allow processing of 50,000 tons of concentrate and produce up to 10,000 tons of blister copper annually (the productive capacity of blister copper depends on the content of copper in the concentrate processed, which at present is 14-28% depending on suppliers).

The productive capacities of the company are enough for processing and exporting the whole quantity of copper produced in Armenia and in neighboring countries. The product of the blister copper is sold to one of the well-known companies of the world, "Aurubis", a German company.