Structure and Management

The company's top management body is the Shareholders' Committee. The current management is realized by the Executive Board, the chairman of which is Valeri Mejlumyan, the chairman of Vallex Group companies.

Main structural units of the company are Mining and Concentration, Metallurgy, Production, Sales and Marketing, General and Administrative, and Finance and Economic.

Mining and Concentration and Metallurgy departments are responsible for production. In the past Mining and Concentration Department was in charge of mining and ore treatment operations at Alaverdy treatment plant. At present the department conducts research and exploratory work at other deposits or occurrences the company possesses rights to. Metallurgy Department is doing the smelting of copper concentrate and copper scrap. It uses copper concentrate and copper scrap purchased domestically in Armenia.

Production Department provides facilities such as construction, repair, electricity, natural gas, technological air and water supply, as well as car and rail transportation.

General and Administrative Department includes units such as HR, technical quality control, chemical laboratory, medical service, and security.

Sales and Marketing Department handles all issues related with procurement of outsourced copper concentrate and copper scrap, items required for the operations of the company. The department is also responsible for sales of the product (including transportation, logistics) and marketing issues.

Finance and Economic Department is responsible for planning the operations of the company, supervision of the financial discipline, as well as accounting.